Pork, Sage and Apple Stuffing For Turkey – Gordon Ramsay

Janice Jameson

March 2, 2015

From Christmas with Gordon (2010). Gordon makes a pork and apple stuffing flavoured with spicy Merguez sausages. Putting a little more effort into making stuffing and the flavours will reward you.

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Category: Cooking Recipe

- 6 Months ago
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- 5 Years ago

Looks very nice, but who the fuck has African sausage lying around?

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paul wilson
- 5 Years ago

It sounds far too complex for the palate.

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The F**K you lookin at
- 5 Years ago

Those fucking horns in the background doe..ugh. This isn’t stuffing this is
a pork meatloaf sort of thing but it aint no stuffing. 

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Matthew Ryback
- 5 Years ago

I like the fact that he made this non-traditional (to most) stuffing on the
side. Stuffing a large bird like a turkey can be dangerous. The outside
cooks as normal while the stuffing on the inside prevents the turkey from
cooking, leaving raw juices soaked into the stuffing. Definately go with
some aeromatics in the bird like lemons, onions and bay leaves and don’t
take any chances with traditional bread stuffing in your bird. Personally I
like to make individual bread stuffing muffins. I like using the mini
cupcake pans so you don’t end up with a giant stuffing muffin on your
plate. They’re great, easy to serve and have a nice crispy texture on the
outside. Just thought I would put that out there for whoever might be

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- 5 Years ago

nothing says christmas like north african sausages

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- 5 Years ago

Hope this doesn’t sound pretentious:

The way I see flavours is like trying to play a chord, or a sequence of

Obvious point is obvious that something made with a lot of cheese will
taste cheesy, something made with tomatoes will taste tomato-ey, and so on.
That’s your base or background note- your C, your F, your B flat and so on.

Then you had all the other ingredients, like salt, pepper, garlic, potatoes
or whatever it is, and they provide additional background notes, and make
it more harmonious, more deep, more rich. Well, harmonious if it’s
something that goes well together in the first place, of course.

It’s like playing a riff or a chord, compared to a single note. That’s how
and why I see the importance of adding ingredients that are called for
beyond the ingredients in the name of a dish. That’s how I see things.

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- 5 Years ago

should have seen this before went shopping .. just done shopping for
Thanksgiving Dinner, which of course includes the same old same old bread
crumbs stuffing … this looks amazing and delicious!

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Keith W.
- 5 Years ago

so many complaints, just the recipe cause i did this two years ago and it
was really good, regardless whether it’s teh traditional stuffing or not it
tastes amazing! if you want a more traditional recipe then search it up on

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István Farkas
- 5 Years ago

Pork, Sage and Apple Stuffing For Turkey – Gordon…:

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Anonymoose's Corner
- 5 Years ago

Absolutely amazing! I’m already doing a cornbread stuffing, but this would
take it to a whole new level. Gotta give it a whirl. He reminded me, too,
that I need to add parsley to my grocery list.

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- 5 Years ago

turkey is for thanksgiving not christmas… rofl british people are so dumb

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- 5 Years ago

Hmmm. This looks really good, but it doesn’t seem like stuffing so much as
it does a fancy meatloaf.

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Hachem Weirdo
- 5 Years ago

merguez is made from lamb and beef together :p
and it’s really delicious 

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- 5 Years ago

Come on, really? Putting out old videos as new? PATHETIC! Get in there and
make us NEW videos!!!!!!! 

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- 5 Years ago

If Gordon was made of jelly he’d be Gordon Jamsay

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Daniel Tanner
- 5 Years ago

Love Chef Ramsay but this is a pork meatloaf. Stuffing, at least in
America, is bread-based. Pork or any other meat inside it is really an
additive, not the star of the dish. I didn’t see any real starch in there.
It was a roll of pork. Not stuffing.

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Hell's Kitchen
- 5 Years ago

Repeat after us: Pork, Sage and Apple Stuffing. Oh yeah.

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Blanca Tran
- 5 Years ago

Omg !!
Delicious homedame !!
My respect

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Gordon Ramsay
- 5 Years ago

How do you have your Turkey Stuffing? Here is a classic seasonal classic at
the Ramsay household. Enjoy! 

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Richard Cano
- 5 Years ago

Wow, you got me. You made me sit through a 5 minute recipe for stuffing
that contained absolutely no stuffing. That is unless you’re talking about
the stuffing I gave your dad in the prison showers. And he loved it. But
seriously, that retarded meat log looked less appetizing than the giant
kidney stone my dog just 8:::::::D~~~~ on my living room carpet. Thanks.
Now I have to beat my dog because of you. And I mean really thanks, because
I love doing it. The only thing that makes me happier is donating money to
SOPA and Comcast. Why won’t Obama nut-up and deport this guy? Oh right,
that’s because A) he ain’t got no nuts and B) he’s too busy taking away our
welfare checks and giving them to the Chinese Industrialist. Maybe you
could cook Chinese food next. May I suggest my favorite: Fuk-Choo with side
of Chow Mein Kampf?


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- 5 Years ago

Looks good, just not what i’m used too. Usually do a breaded stuffing
cooked inside the bird or in a crockpot on the side. Will give this a try

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Marcelo Santos
- 5 Years ago

Your recipe is wonderful! I’ve done this once at Christmas 2011, I will
repeat now, but this time I put inside a deboned turkey and I’m cooking in
two stages, the first stage of cooking’ll wrap the turkey in the film and
will cook to 60 ° celsius on chicken broth for an hour, then I will cut it
from the film and bakes it in the oven for the remaining time needed
according to the total weight, covering the turkey every 30 minutes with
broth to caramelize.

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D. J. Tanner
- 5 Years ago

Chef Ramsay might be the best Chef in the world. Brilliant! 

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- 5 Years ago

I wouldn’t call it stuffing, but it looks delicious!
Kind of looks like pork Sushi.

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- 5 Years ago

I dunno, to me, this has nothing to do with turkey stuffing. Where I’m from
and what I grew up on, stuffing is stuffed into the bird and cooked with
the bird. It also has nothing to do with pork. This seems morel like a
fancy pork log cooked in the oven and served as a side with the bird.

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