Katsudon カツ丼 [Remastered/リマスター]

Mitch Gomez

March 10, 2015

Ingredients for Katsudon
(serves 1)

– Tonkatsu (Pork Cutlet) –
120g (4¼ oz) 1cm thick Pork Loin Slice
A sprinkle of Salt and Pepper
All-Purpose Flour for dusting
¼ Egg
A sprinkle of Water
Nama-Panko – Soft Bread Crumbs

Frying Oil (Vegetable Oil) (340 °F/170 °C)

50ml Water (1.7 fl oz)
A pinch of Kombu or Bonito Stock Powder
1 tbsp Soy Sauce
1 tbsp Mirin
1 tsp Sugar

70g Onion (2½ oz)
1 Egg
Mitsuba Parsley

200g Fresh Steamed Rice (7 oz)

<材料 1人分>
豚ロース肉(1cm厚さ)120g 1枚
小麦粉 適量
卵 1/4個(卵1個で肉4枚位可能です。残った卵は最後に回しかける時一緒に使ってもい­いでしょう。)
生パン粉 適量

揚げ油(170 °C)



炊きたてご飯200g .


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- 6 Years ago

i can never seem to get this one right :”( even though its my favorite, im
so sad i have to go to a restruant to eat it

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John Doe
- 6 Years ago

Your channel is absolutly awesome. I love to cook whith your help japanese
style food. I can’t wait for your next video. If you don’t mind maybe you
could show how to cook a traditional japanese breakfast or more traditional
food in general.

Don’t stop, you guys are awesome.

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Aline Silva
- 6 Years ago

this video is better now. Thanks for subtitles. 

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- 6 Years ago

damn im so good

at cooking katsudon

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Susie Sac
- 6 Years ago

I’m new to your channel and I am so happy to watch and learn from you.
Thank you so much for the English instructions. I will definitely be
watching all your videos and will be trying your recipes. Thank you for

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Het Nether
- 6 Years ago

Another delicious recipe. This came out perfect, and better than my
favourite Japanese restaurant’s version.The only things I did differently
were to throw in some bonito flakes instead of the dashi powder, and also
to use crumbled nori as a garnish instead of mitsuba. I don’t like using
the powdered stuff if I can avoid it, and the bonito flakes have good
flavour. It’s also easier than making proper dashi. It worked wonderfully.
The bonito flakes really bring out the umami in this dish. I recommend
using them if you’ve got them around.

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- 6 Years ago


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maddi bees
- 6 Years ago

hi i’m under 21 how would i get mirin/sake, or what is a good alternative i
can use? thank U

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monica diana tabe varas

domo aregato oshiete morata oishii so!こんど やてみる

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Gabriela Maria
- 6 Years ago

Chef is just the cutest~!

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Ed Gambo
- 6 Years ago

Thank you for the beautiful demonstration. Pork tonkatsudon is my favorite!
Thanks again!

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Isajoi Artlover
- 6 Years ago

I tried to cook it and it was so delicious!! This is my favourite dish …
Katsudon is just AWESOME!! :3

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- 6 Years ago

I love everything about this video! 

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- 6 Years ago

My dad loves Japanese cooking, and he’s especially a big fan of this
He made this for dinner a few weeks ago. It was completely and utterly
delicious. Great recipe~

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Austin Mendoza
- 6 Years ago

Wait, can someone please tell me what is wrong the dog or the lady? I
really wanna know so I know who to support. Please someone tell me!

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- 6 Years ago

Dear Chef, Thank you for this recipe. Definitely a family favorite now.
The other day I needed to use up a block of tofu (medium-firm). I
marinated it in soya, broth, onion and garlic overnight. I was going to
make a simple stir fry but………… instead I breaded and fried it to
replace the pork in this recipe. It worked out tasty.

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Hollie Schultz
- 6 Years ago

I’m not 21 yet, is there anything I can replace the mirin with? Can I use
rice wine vinegar instead?

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- 6 Years ago

Awww, that ending. Glad she is much better now. 

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- 6 Years ago

This is one of my favorite recipes from Chef!! Thank you!! :D

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- 6 Years ago

can someone tell me the classical piano song at about 30 seconds into the

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Dan White
- 6 Years ago

Thank you for posting this! I made this recipe and it reminds me so much if
how my grandmother used to make this for me – oishi! 

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- 6 Years ago

This was my absolute favorite thing to eat when I lived in Japan. I love
these videos so much. All these Japanese dishes are ones I cannot find in
the US. Katsudon, Tonkatsu curry, okonomiyaki, omurice. Love it. Brings
back a lot of fond memories.

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Irena Loong
- 6 Years ago

I’ve eaten Katsudon which I bought from Isetan supermarket. Never cross my
mind to cook it at home. But, I will cook this dish this evening for my
family. Thank you for the recipe.

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- 6 Years ago

If my pork loin is already crusted straight from the supermarket, do I
still need to coat it with flour? 

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Rkya Ya
- 6 Years ago

Tried this tonight it was really good!

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