How To Sharpen A Knife – Gordon Ramsay

Janice Jameson

March 7, 2015

Gordon demonstrates how to correctly sharpen your knife safely, so then you never need to use a blunt knife.

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Category: Cooking Recipe

- 2 Years ago
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- 2 Years ago
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- 6 Years ago

Seriously Gordon Ramsey!!! women watching this vid plz do not think this is
how to sharpen you kitchen knives Gordon Ramsey is only honing the blade
which is done after sharpening a knife on a sharpening stone or light
cutting TAKE IT FROM A KNIFE COLLECTOR GET A 320 grit and 1000 grit
wetsanding stone to sharpen ur knifes then hone the blade with a steel 

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Ángel Martín
- 6 Years ago

El gran Gordon no sabe afilar un cuchillo.

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Nick Knight
- 6 Years ago

Its not sharpening, that is honing a knife.

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Zx Guard
- 6 Years ago

God damn this guy is an idiot. I fully expected to not see how to sharpen a
knife before I clicked the link. And I was correct.

He’s a good business man though. Got plenty of dumb asses following him.

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Tyler Marrs
- 6 Years ago

Y’all are arguing over a video about using a steel wtf is wrong with you

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- 6 Years ago

This is how to hone a knife, not sharpen it.

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Mark Lowe
- 6 Years ago

No knife expert here but from what most are saying it sounds like the
honing is straitening and maybe the fine tuning after a sharpen. So if you
were using these knives all day every day and constantly using a steel
would they not have a better chance of staying sharp?

Also, he may be a little off here in correctly labelling headings on a
video but I have no doubt he’d school the crap out of all you when it comes
to serving up the world best food and running internationally acclaimed

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Candy Bruce
- 6 Years ago

I’ve been sharpening my knives this way for years and they’re always sharp.
Sometimes my mom says they’re too sharp. I’ve had the same set of knives
for years.

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Mjo .G
- 6 Years ago

As a knife guy, i look at these videos and think maybe i should become a
chef, because i can put a nasty sharp edge on a knife easily, a lot better
than most chefs.

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- 6 Years ago

This is de-burring the blade, Gordon, not sharpening. Also, that’s not how
I learned to use a steel.

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- 6 Years ago

This guy is a fuckwit. A honing rod is not used to sharpen a knife, it’s
used to smooth burrs after sharpening a knife on a whetstone/oilstone. I
wish one of his pissed off and abused apprentices would stab him in the
throat with a dull knife, on TV too. 

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- 6 Years ago

And sharpening usually means grinding. Steels hone the blade, stones and
grinders sharpen.
There’s a difference between sharpening and honing.

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- 6 Years ago

Great info but your not sharpening the knife your straightening the edge…

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- 6 Years ago

You need to rinse your knife after you sharpen it as it has micro particles
of the knife from sharpening.

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- 6 Years ago

This wont make the knife sharp.

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Zx Guard
- 6 Years ago

God damn, this guy is an idiot. Did you see the way he is rocking that
blade?!?! I fully expected to see how not to sharpen a knife before I
clicked the link.

he’s a good business man though, got plenty of idiots following his shit.

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Mark Lowe
- 6 Years ago

How funny is that, Richard Blaine has a video “Knife sharpening how to use
a sharpening steel Part 1” and yet there’s no “that’s not sharpening on his
video” comments……. what’s this really about?

And then he’s on here trying to school Gordon Ramsay. Richard, it’s called
technique. There is no right or wrong, what works for the individual works.
Gordon Ramsay can deliver and the ways he goes about it obviously supports

The results speak for themselves.

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Jason Kelley
- 6 Years ago

uh… That’s honing the blade, not sharpening. 45 degrees? No. Try
somewhere closer to 25 degrees. He’s pointing the sharp end of the blade
towards his fingers? That’s dangerous as hell. He’s drawing the knife
backwards across the steel, also wrong. How is it that a guy as respected
as Ramsey literally doesn’t know the first thing about honing a knife?

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Asinine Comment
- 6 Years ago

Well yes, kinda, sort of….
The points I’m raising really aren’t earth-shattering, but I like seeing
those high-up in the ‘cult of personality’ (celebrities) getting knocked
down a little when they screw up.

1. Yes, the demonstrated method WILL make your knife work much better for
you, but NO it’s not the ‘old skool’ or ‘textbook’ way most were taught
years ago. No biggie – it’s just not THE way.

2. Yes, hold the ‘steel’ so that you’re comfortable and confident with it.
It needs to be secure, stable, but don’t hold it really tight. NO, that
is nothing like the way to hold a tennis or squash racquet.

3. Yes, keep your fingers behind the but of the steel. NO, don’t bang the
edge of even a blunt knife against the but.

4. This is NOT sharpening a knife. Our Gordon is only demonstrating how
to *hone* a knife. Sharpening a knife is a quite different process, and
much more involved than a few quick whips of a knife over a steel.

5. He doesn’t tell viewers WHY it is dangerous to use a blunt knife. It’s
because pushing a blunt knife through food, requires a lot more effort to
be exerted. The more you focus on the effort, the less you’ll focus on the
accuracy and angle of your movement, the more likely it’ll slip, and/or go
the wrong way when you DO get it through, followed by and the harder it
will hit a hand, finger, etc that is nearby.

6. I’ve heard that you should press the knife blade quite firmly against
the steel. Our Gordon’s producers and writers, much less himself, doesn’t
feel inclined to tell us how much pressure is ideal. If he’s going to
mention efficiency, you’d think he’d practice what he preaches, by telling
us the facts. :-/ 

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- 6 Years ago

Everyone is talking about honing vs sharpening, but a wet paper towel under
your cutting board is a major no no. It will ruin the board. That’s
probably how it became warped to begin with. How did this guy become
famous? I guess it was by being an asshole. LOL =Þ

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Jef Bob
- 6 Years ago

This isn’t sharpening this is straitening the edge not sharpening 

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- 6 Years ago

@richard blaine you sir, are an idiot. You say that he doesn’t know his way
around the kitchen…? I’ve been working as a chef for many years, and you
are the perfect example of a chef that is so bad they have to excel in
something. So they get manically obsessed with one thing, in your case
sharpening knives, just too feel important. He has earned 15!!! Michelin
stars for his “bad way around the kitchen”. Come back when you have 1,
moron. And yes he is a celebrity, but there is a reason for it. I’ll take
his words over yours ANY DAY…

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angelo simeonidis
- 6 Years ago

there are different ways but for fucks sake gordon wipe the blade after
those metal flakes will get into your food

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Randy Leifer
- 6 Years ago

I’ve read the other replies….and yes, Gordon is simply “honing” the
knife…..not “sharpening” it.
(although honing does bring back some sharpness)
Honing is what you do between periods of “re-sharpening” on a wet stone.
Honing removes any bent micro burrs on the finest edge……and straightens
the rest of that edge.
Eventually your fine edge will wear down from knife usage, and mostly from
the edge hitting the cutting board and the occasional bone. At that point,
honing will do little. You will then need to re-sharpen it on a stone.

BTW….I’m sure Gordon does know what he is doing, and I’m also sure he
does not manage this page, nor he create the videos himself or title these
videos !!

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Richard Blaine
- 6 Years ago

Trust you me Gordon in no way shape or from is THAT the correct way to use
a honing steel! No way! Not even close!

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