Home-made Fish Fingers with a Chip Butty – Gordon Ramsay

Janice Jameson

March 6, 2015

Gordon makes home-made fish fingers with dill breadcrumbs and a true British classic: The Chip Butty. From Gordon's Ultimate Home Cooking. Subscribe for more videos.

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Category: Cooking Recipe

- 2 Weeks ago
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Germensa Mayfield
- 4 Years ago

What the hell why does his butter look like a circle xD

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- 4 Years ago

why never slice at an angle?

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The Marvel Guy
- 4 Years ago

Awesome recipe loved it. Fish was delicious and chips were packed with
flavour. I used this recipe on a full fillet of fish and it worked out
awesome. Made a curry sauce aswell. Thanks Gordon Ramsay :)

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- 4 Years ago

Fantastic until he poured what looked like a glass of water at the end.
There is only one beverage befitting this meal, a tall boy of cold lager. 

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Yousra Abroud
- 4 Years ago

One of my favourite dishes !!

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Lazarus Pitts
- 4 Years ago

I can’t wait to make this but the name sounds funny. I can’t stop laughing
at “Chip Butty”.

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- 4 Years ago

Ok where do I start…

1. What the hell is a butty.
2. What the hell is the fries doing in the sandwich instead of on the
plate where the fish is and the fish in the sandwich?
3. Why so much butter?
4. Is Gordon Ramsey trying to kill people with his butter laden recipes?
No way he and his family eats this way and are healthy. People who eat
this way look like honey boo boo and family.

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    - 3 Years ago
    Your comment is awaiting moderation.

    In response to your lack of knowledge about Butties. A butty is a colloquial name, originally from the north of England, for a sandwich. Butter=butty. Second, they are not “fries” which a contraction of French fries which are much thinner than “chips.” Look at the thickness of the chips he made the butty with and note the difference in thickness between a chip and a fry. Third, a chip butty was a cheap and easy snack to make due to the economy especially during and after WWII. Fish and chips were not restricted by the government, unlike most foods for which we had to have food coupons to buy them. Our diets were rigidly controlled because of the war. Fourth and fifth, originally, we used margarine as we could not get butter but after the war, when butter became available, people slathered on butter as a luxury. No, Ramsay is not trying to kill anybody with his use of butter. Research, during the 1990s, at the University of Toronto, found that butter is chemically chained the same as our body and it is made from one natural ingredient – cream. Margarine, it was found, is chemically chained opposite to that of our body and can cause serious problems with digestion, and other health related things. Also, margarine is made from a mixture of various oils, such as vegetable oil, amongst others, many of which are not healthy. Also in the production of margarine, trans fats may be introduced to harden the final product, although much of that can be extracted. Bleach is often used before the final colouring is introduced to eliminate greyish blobs which must be broken down and the colour made pleasant to look at, and turn them white before mixing in the final yellow colour. BUTTER IS BETTER. Incidentally, Gordon and family are healthy and do, sometimes, eat common fare foods. Any white fish is usually acceptable in making the fish fingers. The reason for cutting the sandwich across instead of diagonal is to make the butty easier to hold and eat with one hand and prevent the inside falling out.

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- 4 Years ago

Gotta try this out Gordon..but not with you there to tear me a new a/hole
if you don’t like ha ha..Seriously though looks irresistible! It may well
be carbs on carbs as someone said but you dont have to have it EVERY DAY..

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- 4 Years ago

I made this. It was excellent, I couldn’t get hold of pollock so used cod,
but it was still awesome.

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Charles Oxendine
- 4 Years ago

Why never slice at an angle? 

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Max Lorge
- 4 Years ago

So a chip butty is just a potato sandwich. Fuck yeah.

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Mark Speir
- 4 Years ago

The potatoes and fish are out of place, but it looks amazing!

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- 4 Years ago

Who says “chip butty” anyway? What total douchebag asshole. Can’t believe
people actually like this guy and sniff his asshole.

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Gordon Ramsay
- 4 Years ago

Just a quick post to say thank you to all our YouTube subscribers – we’ve
just hit 300,000. Don’t know which video to recommend to celebrate, so
going with this. Thanks again, let us know if you make it. 

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Colin Martin
- 4 Years ago

the fish fingers are okay, but as an american, i’d never tried a chip
butty. i used sweet paprika, and dear god, bread in that paprika oil,
butter, and those well roasted fries. I oiled the pan very heavily for the
extra oil to soak in bread, and this is a legitimately good recipe. I
roasted the chips at 250F for 20 minutes and it was nowhere near enough,
had to do another 15 at 325, which is the temp I’d suggest. The only potato
that I could get near the one ramsay uses is yukon gold, which was
perfectly fine, though the individual chips were smallish, they taste
fantastic. I’d HIGHLY recommend trying this with sweet paprika. I expected
it to be bland, but there were so many subtle layers of flavor. The potato
comes through, and the butter, and the bread, and the paprika, and the
olive oil, this is one recipe I will make many more times.

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- 4 Years ago

Carbs on carbs drenched in fat. Obese fucking English cunts. Keep this ugly
fucking wanker in the UK please. 

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Inept Swordsman
- 4 Years ago

Nothing in this video didn’t look delicious.

That being said, a French fry sandwich…? Why? The fries are starch and
the bread is starch. Why not just serve one or the other? Or if you really
want the whole shebang, why not put the fish on the bread so you have a
fish sandwich with fries? I must be missing something.

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“Im going to make this a bit healthier…” (adds 3 tblspns of butter)

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Yella Dart
- 4 Years ago

Why all the faffing with paprika and crap? Look, here’s how you make chips:
Take one large potato. Peel the potato. Slice the potato into chips of your
desired size. Get a bowl. Put water in the bowl. Put some sugar in the
bowl, about 2 tablespoons. Put the chips in the bowl for about 1 minute.
Put a frying pan on the hob. Put about 1cm depth of oil in the pan. When
oil is hot, put chips in pan. Cook until golden brown. Remove chips from
pan and place on kitchen roll. Dry off excess oil with kitchen roll. Apply
salt. Congratulations, you have made chips. If you want a healthier, less
oily version, don’t bother with the oil or the pan, just follow the steps
up until the frying pan becomes involved and instead bake them for about 20
minutes. Again, you have chips. This is what we in the real world call
“getting it done”.

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Tommy WM
- 4 Years ago

Gordon likes it in the butty

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chad hill
- 4 Years ago

What is a chip butty?

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- 4 Years ago

mmmmm butter

oh fuck health

nothing wrong with a little butter once in a while

at least its not margarine or some processed chemical shit which is far

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Kenneth Elston
- 4 Years ago

Question for Mr Ramsay or anyone who has an opinion about my question. At
the start of this video you mentioned that one of your first jobs was a
potato peeler. So, how do you feel about this fairly new fad of leaving the
skin on potatoes in dishes. Maybe I’m just old fashioned and not with the
latest food fashions/fads; but, I feel that it just a lazy way of cooking
dishes that contain potatoes. I will not eat dishes where the skin is left
on the potatoes at all!. Yea, yea, I’ve heard the “The skin has the
nutritional value in it and is good for you…” My reply is usually, “If
that’s the case and you are eating the potato just for the nutritional
value, why aren’t there dishes server with just the skin of the potato
skin?” Especially with french fries (chips in your neck of the woods).
When you drop the cuts of potatoes with the skin left on in the hot
grease, you fried out and lost all the nutritional value of the skin that
was there. The worst for me is eating potato salad with hunks of potatoes
that I have the skin left on. Thanks 

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Dork Rigmanowitz
- 4 Years ago

Eating carbohydrate with carbohydrate is the weirdest thing to me.

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Daniel Roy
- 4 Years ago

I want Gordon to talk me through my first sexual experience

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