Best Restaurant: Semi Final Result – Gordon Ramsay

Janice Jameson

March 19, 2015

After deliberation, Ramsey decides who to put through to the final.

Gordon Ramsay in search of Britain's best restaurant. Top restaurants from around the UK compete to win the title.

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Category: Cooking Recipe

- 7 Months ago
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Billie Neal
- 6 Years ago

Chef Ramsay shouldn’t be judged unless the ones doing the judging has the
exact check lists to go by. It would however be nice if the youtube videos
were in chronilogical order. Thanks for entertaining and teaching us all,
Chef Ramsay!

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- 6 Years ago

i think gordom ramsay is being so automatic, he is forgeting the heart, the
love in cooking , and he is leting go with the pretentious side, this 2
morons make shut food, but everybody loves because its “inovative”

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