Best Restaurant: “I need to call the police”, Secret Diner – Gordon Ramsay

Janice Jameson

March 23, 2015

Gordon Ramsay reveals to the owners of thai restaurant Nahm Jim, that he sent in a secret diner to test the food and service.

Gordon Ramsay in search of Britain's best restaurant. Top restaurants from around the UK compete to win the title.

Gordon Ramsay in search of Britain's best restaurant. Top restaurants from around the UK compete to win the title.

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- 6 Years ago

I understand, if the bottle of wine was £70 or something… Some bottles
are like 2 and a half grand all the way up to 10 grand, and if someone asks
to ‘try’ a glass of that, what do you do in that situation? :/

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mak k
- 6 Years ago

Everyone is equally in the wrong there. How the owners distance themselves
from it is amazing

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Morgan Earp
- 6 Years ago

So people in the comments seem confused. The customer ordering a glass of
wine is a plant by Gordon Ramsay – he’s there to test the wait staff. The
waiter didn’t know what the policy concerning glasses of wine was, or how
to deal with the issue – so he just made up something on the spot instead
of asking management/the higher-ups on what to do. He went ahead and made
his own call, even though he’s not the proprietor of this restaurant.
That’s why Gordon Ramsay, the white man and the Asian woman watching this
were rather shocked.

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Docter Zaius
- 6 Years ago

Typical British entitled arrogance! The server warned him a few times that
he couldn’t just order a glass he had to buy the bottle, this guy knew what
he was getting into before he ordered it! He probably knew he wasn’t going
to like it and was just trying to be insulting or try and show them he can
break their rules because he’s white and “important”. Either way the waiter
was in the right here.

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Da Smooze
- 6 Years ago

he told him he would have to pay for it, and after he said ok i would he
acted like he didn’t….any business would call the police

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- 6 Years ago

I think I’ll go in any Gordon’s restaurant, order whatever I like on the
menu, and just say “I don’t like it… so I’ll leave and give you shit”….
Fucking moron !

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Kyn Chan
- 6 Years ago

For the people that complain just get some work experience in a very busy
restaurant and you will very quickly realise the pressure can get to you,
especially when too many things go wrong in quick succession. Try it and
you’ll learn fast – the world is not a perfect bubble.

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- 6 Years ago

The servers were 100% correct.. it is theft and if he refused to pay he
would be arrested.. i

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- 6 Years ago

The waiter should of dropped his pants and started wanking until he paid
for the wine.

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Bad Monkey
- 6 Years ago

Go into a restaurant with a camera, drum up drama, aggravate people trying
to do their job and then post it on the Internet. White people…

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M Standenberg
- 6 Years ago

Hehe… there is a problem with the customer service. The customer is
committing time and money here in the instance of his orders; paying for
and eating them. The server perceived what amounts to a petty detail as
worthy of calling the police and sours the entirety of the customer’s
experience. ‘Sours everything the customer is paying for and all the time
he spends there and any future consideration of the experience. This
customer could never be expected to return, let alone recommend the place.
The server threw away (not just hypothetical in this case) custom for the
cost of opening a bottle of wine that was never his. The wine itself was
never lost. Bad call… it was a bad call Ripley. In the hospitality
trade, cheap good grace is worth a lot of money. If a server can’t balance
this within the consideration of turn-over, they’re simply not cut out for

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John Sucrosky
- 6 Years ago

I don’t know. It could be a misunderstanding. The waiter informed him that
he had to buy it once the bottle is opened. But then, he didn’t agree to
it. Here’s the turning point. The waiter said “Ok if you don’t like it you
don’t have to have it.”
It could mean two different things. Don’t have to pay for it or don’t have
to drink it.
The restaurant has every right to set its own rule. If it is the bad one,
we don’t have to eat there and leave. They’ll shoot themselves in their
feet, but they do have the right to do so. The waiter had to be more clear
to the customer. It’s still his fault for not clearing things up. Simply
emphasize “Ok if you don’t like it you don’t have to have it. But, you
still have to pay for the entire bottle.” Problem solved. If he did so, he
is not wrong, even though it’s a bad practice…

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Nick Silva
- 6 Years ago

it’s understandable if you own a restaurant that can afford to dump out a
bottle of wine that some pretentious little shit didn’t enjoy but if you go
anywhere else they’re not going to let you just get away with a bottle
after informing you over and over you have to have it once he opens it. I’m
glad the guy got the opportunity to explain himself, I was wondering why it
was such a travesty what the guy did but he explained it. he was caught in
the moment and didn’t really know a better way to handle the situation. I
wouldn’t judge an entire establishment on one employee.

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chris black
- 6 Years ago

“What do I do with the rest of the bottle?” Gee I don’t know… maybe use
it to serve the other customers who only want a glass.

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Kyn Chan
- 6 Years ago

Sadly this business has closed down due to VAT issues. What a rip off tax.
I always thought you had to add some value to something before you could
sell it. Then you get taxed for adding value. The government should do the
adding value part.

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Dan Coulson
- 6 Years ago

I don’t get it. Right from the word go, the waiter informed him multiple
times that once the bottle is opened, he must pay for it. He was also fully
made aware that the option to purchase only a glass was not available.
He really had no right to complain about it if he didn’t like it. The only
way he could possibly complain is if the product was faulty.

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Snoopy FourFourOne
- 6 Years ago

These comments are just embarrassing. Have you people never been to a

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- 6 Years ago

Should’ve just pretended that the wine was corked, haha

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Yaocheng fu
- 6 Years ago

the thai man at the person had perfect reason to charge the white man for
the wine if it is opened. its like going into a new restaurant and ordering
a meal. you cant just have a bit of the meal, even if u dont like it u
still pay the full price. wine works just the same way as a dish

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- 6 Years ago

Dude straight up said you can’t order a glass, you have to order the
bottle. The guy ordered it anyways and then tried to get out of paying for
it? Wtf?

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- 6 Years ago

I don’t know where the hell everyone is thinking that the waiter is in the
right. Even if they only sell wine by the bottle, at every restaurant that
I’ve been to and ordered a bottle, the waiter lets you taste the wine, and
if you approve begins to pour it for the table. Not fucking rocket science.
If you don’t like it, you shouldn’t be forced to buy it. 

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- 6 Years ago

Nah the waiter was right, if you’re going to have a taste of something, you
still have to buy it. Its like going to a gas station, eating A chip, and
trying to get a refund on the chips. The waiter was not rude, the white guy
was rude.

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- 6 Years ago

0:58 “OK, if you don’t like it you don’t have to have it”.

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Johnny T-bone
- 6 Years ago

I am kind of disappointed in Gordon Ramsay. I thought the server was
completely reasonable. The customer drinks some wine and then does not
want to pay for it just because he doesn’t like it. Well hell, maybe he
could just keep getting free drinks by asking for wine and then saying he
doesn’t like it and then going around to other diners until he is drunk.
What a fuckin’ spoiled asshole he is.

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- 6 Years ago

Just drink the fucken wine you snobby english cunt.

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